كرنب ملفوف 

"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

purple skeleton going the extra mile.


(note to self)

  • wear soft clothes
  • swim in the rain
  • embroider, draw, and knit to keep your hands busy
  • go outside
  • look at the moon
  • be nice to yourself
  • have a light heart
  • everything will be ok

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american horror story: talking to people u used to be friends with

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i don’t know if it’s this house or just me but i can’t these daily breakdowns. I just feel alone all the time. I feel like some needy kid who needs someone there 24/7. I just can’t hold myself together and i want to tear myself apart to see if i’m right, or if i’m made wrong. I just hate this. 

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